1Corinthians 9:18 "What then is my reward? Just this: that in preaching the gospel I may offer it free of charge, and so not make use of my rights in preaching it." (NIV)

My name is Kate.  I strive to live my life every single day for the Glory of God.  But do I succeed at that?  Absolutely not.  I fall short, every single day.  But I am saved by the Blood of Christ; and I strive to further His Kingdom, even though I know I will fall short.  Why?  Because it is what I am called to do.  Through music and relationships.  Those are the gifts I was entrusted with, and since I did not ask for them, I had better use them to the best of my ability.  I will not hide them under a rock, instead I will stand on The Rock and use them for The Glory of God!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Opening Doors

Doors are opening in unexpected places in Austin, connections are being made...I feel like things are moving along. And not quite in a direction I expected, but it is so good!!!

I'm not going to share anything specific, because I can't yet. But I would appreciate prayer for open doors, for me to know which ones to walk through (discernment), and connections of God to be made!!!

It's exciting. :)

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